Tekstvak: NewWhere We’ve Been 
Whiskey’s Gone
Why Don’t You 
Winners & Losers 
You Got That Thang Hey Brother  
High Times 
Hillbilly Girl

StarLight LineDance Company

Dance Sheets N t/m Z

Tekstvak: Agenda

Making History

Party In The Hills

Señorita La-La-La

Talking Walls

Tongue Tied Up


Party Train


Tango With Me Darling

Too Much Love Will Kill You

Mas Macarena 

Patsy Fagan

Shake Rumble and Quake

Taylor’s Top


Men Don’t Change


Shake That

Tears On A Highway

Triple Mix

Mexican Wind



Tell The World


Midnight Cinderella

Perfect Place

Shots With Somebody



Mom, The Bomb!

Pink Champagne

Show Me


Up In Your Giddy

Moment To Breathe

Pizza & Beer

Show Me The Way

That Love


Moonlight Crush

Plastic Pretty

Silver Lining

The Belle Of Liverpool

Wakey Wakey


Pom Poms

Silvery Moonlight Waltz

The Boat To Liverpool

Walking Away

Music To My Eyes

Pop ‘n Drop

Sit Still Look Pretty

The Bomp

What A Man Gotta Do

My Father’s Son

Power Over Me

Skiffle Time 

The Bounce

What You Get Is What You See 

My Middle Name

Quality Shoe

Skip The Line     

The Gathering

What You Want

My Oh My, You're So Good Looking

Raised Like That

Slamming Doors

The Gipsy

We Only Live Once

Nancy Mulligan

Raggle Taggle Gypsy O

Smiling In The Morning

The HotDog Boogie

We Wanna Dance

No Excuses


So Tied Up 

The Last Living Cowboy

Well Swung

No Man’s Land

Respeta Tu Amor

Soul Shake

The Shape Of You

We’re Good To Go

No Honky Tonk



The Shoebox

What A Man Gotta Do

No Mercy

Rock And Roll Cowboy Contra

Stay All Night

The Way You Look

What You Get Is What You See

No Panic

Rock Paper Scissors

Stay My Love

This Song Is For You 

What You Want

Old Flames

Run Away With You


This Thing

Where My Loves Goes


Run Like a River New

Stomp Down

Thousand Times

Where We’ve Been

Old Memories

Run Me Like A River


Train Wreck

Whiskey’s Gone

Oh Mama Hey

Run To The Hills

Sunday Morning

Throwback Love

Why Don’t You

Oh Me Oh My Oh

Sadie’s Dress

Sunshine In My Pocket


Winners & Losers

Only A Woman!



Time 2 Get Sexy


Oops Baby

Say Yes

Sweet Attraction

Tip Toe

Woke Up Late

Open Heart Cowboy

Sea Of Dreams

Sweet Caroline


Woman Amen

Our House Of Love

Sea Of Heartbreak

Sweet Like Lemonade


Won’t Go Down


See Me

Sweet Sugar & Spice


Yeeeee Haaaaa!!


Seein’ Double

Sweet Georgia Peaches


You Got That Thang


Senor Loco

Sexy Beaches


You Messed Up



So Unhealthy New


Your Soldier